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In the ever competitive real estate market agents have to always stay ahead of the curve. Your future clients look upon your present marketing as an example of what you can do for them. There are a lot of “listing companies” that offer photos, they shoot 20+ homes a day they do it quickly and deliver sub standard results with rushed photoshoots and quick processing as a way to handle their high volume. This results in blown out overexposed windows, unremoved stains/blemishes, over saturated, and over processed photos. These issues will not be a problem when you use Magic Photo Studios.

We do not shoot 25 homes a day, we do not apply mass presets to our photos because each property is different and requires specific editing. We also offer real estate video design. Whether you are looking for a photo virtual tour or actual video we can compose a mls compliant virtual tour video(no advertising) and non mls compliant (with advertising).

If you are looking for world class images and a photographer that doesn’t cut corners you are looking for Magic Photo Studios. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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We don’t cut corners when it comes to your photos. Most “listing” companies handle a large volume per day and in order to handle them they apply mass presets to properties. This shows up in the end photo, blown out windows, incorrect color balancing, blown out over exposed windows, over processed etc.

When it comes to residential photography every home is different, the colors, the tone, the layout etc. In order for the end result to be superior each one has to be edited individually. If you are looking for a photographer that doesn’t cut corners and delivers exceptional results every time then choose Magic Photo Studios.

Let me help you stand out among your peers and make a BIG impression, lets get that property SOLD!

Photography 100%
Composition 100%
Videography 100%
Post Processing & Editing 100%

World Class Photography

When it comes to residential or commercial photography when you book with us you are in experienced hands. We don’t cut corners and deliver only the best.


Whether you are looking for a photo virtual tour or video, our tours are 2nd to none. Come find out why.


We don’t do short cuts, we ONLY deliver exceptional results.


As a photographer I have over 15 years of experience. You are not booking with a new photographer. I have photographed thousands of homes. Lets work together to help brand your image as a cut above everyone else.

Excellent Results

Today, everyone knows that most people initiate home searching on the internet. Photos are not only important they are crucial to your current clients and your future ones as well. Let our world class photography work for you.